A Guide for Planning the Care of Your Senior Parents

Guest post by Sheila Olson @ FitSheila.com.

It’s never easy to consider the fact that our parents may not be able to take care of themselves anymore. However, it’s important that we take the proper precautions to ensure that our parents receive the care that they deserve, and that may involve placing them in a senior care facility. Today, we share some tips and resources to help ease the transition for your parents.

Knowing When to Make a Move

The first step is to know when it is time to move your parents or otherwise arrange the care that they need. As your parents get older, you should speak to them regularly so you can tell if there is a cognitive decline. A sign may be that your parents are often forgetful or that they can’t remember simple things like names and dates.

You should also visit your parents often because you can tell how things are going around the home. If there is constantly a mess or the home is in disrepair and they don’t seem to realize it, then that could be a sign that they need help. Also, if you notice that they are having trouble caring for themselves, then you may need to start thinking about finding external care.

Different Types of Care

It is important to know that you cannot put your parents into any senior care home. Instead, you need to understand their needs so you can help them get the right support. There are many different types of care. For instance, there is skilled care which means that your parents are getting assistance with medical services like physical therapy or catheter care. Then, there is custodial care which is helping seniors to complete everyday activities like bathing, dressing, and eating. There is also memory care for those suffering from ailments like dementia.

Then there is home health care, where your parents can stay at their existing residence and a healthcare professional will come over to help with personal care like bathing and dressing them. It could also be assisting with tasks like cooking and doing the laundry. Basically, there is some type of care for every situation, so do your research and find the right place.

Discussing Their Options

When it comes time to make a change, a good first step is to talk to your parents about their situation and what comes next. It is important to be nice and supportive during these conversations. You should never be accusatory or place blame. You’ll also need to talk to them about what to do with their assets. So, if they need to move out of their house, will you sell it, rent, or do something else?

If your parents own a business, then you will need to make a decision about its future. If there is no choice but to sell, then you should first get a professional business valuation so you can tell what the business is worth so you get a fair price. You can also use this valuation to show potential buyers that they are getting the best price possible. Make sure that you find all of the important documents associated with the company so you don’t miss any important details, In the end, while it won’t be an easy decision, it is important that your parents get the care they deserve. Consider the guidance discussed here and you’ll help your parents thrive.

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash