Buying a House from a Smoker

Last week I was showing houses to a young family with the dream of raising sheep. They needed 10 or more acres and a barn. Finding this perfect combination along with good schools and not adding to their commute felt like we were looking for a unicorn.

Fortunately, we found the ideal house. It met all our criteria. Unfortunately, the Sellers who had lived there for over 30 years were both chain smokers. While my Buyers loved the house, they did not want to take on the project of removing nicotine stains and smell from a 1,800 square foot home.

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Curb Appeal and Blind Dates: First Impressions Matter

Recently I was driving a client around town to show her several homes that she had found online. The first home on the list was a ranch with a large yard and deck. As an experienced realtor, I’ve long discovered I can sense how a potential buyer feels about a property with little or no verbal cues. My client’s face told me everything I needed to know. She wasn’t smiling, and didn’t seem impressed. I understood why.

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